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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I forgot to mention that this is much more entertaining than watching rbd's hairy white arse on Treemo. Keep up the good work!

1. There have been documented and well-publicized cases of people shipping dangerous materials through package delivery services (the Unabomber, anthrax, etc.). Reasonable people would agree that shipping dangerous materials is Not a Good Thing.

2. You are shipping something that (intentinally) looks like chemicals. Thanks to your graphics design skills, these items look a lot like chemicals, at least to someone who is not a chemist.

It fact, it seems that the primary appeal of these "products" is that they cleverly combine package ordinary materials with a scientific-looking package. Right?

2. FedEx doesn't want to ship things that might be dangerous to its employees or customers.


3. You demonstrated at the counter that the things you are shipping are not, in fact, dangerous.


4. The average FedEx package goes through multiple distribution centers, cargo planes, trucks, etc. before it reaches its destination.

5. It's not that the person at the counter is stupid, or that his supervisors are stupid. He is looking out for your package, and he even said, "I don't think that it will make it."

Although he may not be as snarkily clever as you, he realizes what you apparently do not:

Most, if not all, of the people who handle your package will not be chemists, masters of irony, or people who have witnessed your safety demonstration. They might think that these things that look like containers of chemicals are, in fact, containers of chemicals.


Give the guy a break -- he did tthe right thing.

The really sad part is that we let people out of school before they know that dihydrogen oxide=water. Or that air is nearly 80% Nitrogen.

And they don't get "F&%#tard" tattooed on their foreheads prior to joining the work-force...

Note to Robert Ries:

You're going to call a guy an "F-Tard" if he doesn't know the percentage of nitrogen in the atmosphere??

Man, you must be a real treat at parties...

Please. I would say that a bottle of certainty is about as supicious an item as you could come by.

Can you imaging if that leaked?

Be a little more careful next time.

Have you been shipping cases of Certainty to the Bushmeister? Because he seems to have had an awfully large and unwarranted amount of it about a lot of things for quite a while now.

Yep, blame it on President Bush that the FedEx guys will not ship your package - I heard President Bush specifically demand, in his state of the union address, to tell FedEx to NOT ship packages from someone trying to sell empty containers at grossly inflated prices. You blame it on President Bush, but you should be possibly be blaming it on islamic terrorist. Maybe you could blame Billy Jeff Clinton for doing nothing after repeated terrorist attacks on US properties and citizens. Bin Laden himself stated that the US is a paper tiger based upon Clinton's inaction. - For your rant of stupidity, I personally blame your mother. (Not really, each is responsible for his/her own actions)

>>>>>>>>> (Quote) I am a die hard Democrat and Liberal, and I realize that the items you attempted to ship were a joke. I get the jokes. But do you expect some high school drop out to get your joke about bottles you labeled Nitrogen and Oxygen? <<<<<<<

Just like a condescending elitist democrat and liberal; to assume that because the person works for FedEx as a courier or desk agent, he/she is a high school dropout and is ignorant of the basic components of surface atmosphere. I have several friends and relatives who work for FedEx, some are couriers - some are pilots - some are in charge of aircraft logistics - my wife writes the aircraft operations manuals for specific aircraft. And liberals say that Conservatives are "intolerant" and prejudice.

My sister in the UK tried to buy some citric acid from the chemist shop (pharmacy) so her children could make some bath bombs (mix it with baking soda and it fizzes when put in the bath). He refused to sell her more than 2 ounces because of security reasons!! The local supermarket will be banning lemons next.

Just an update on whether Greenwood Space Travel Supply will start shipping and/or selling online: a new person is taking over the store next month, so I'm sure that will go back on the agenda for him. In the meantime, though, the address that I gave previously no longer works, so best to stick with the general e-mail address for any GSTS/826 inquiries: info AT 826seattle.org.

I wanted to order certainty, but I am not sure how to access your store - please advise.

I think you still can't order store products online. Try the info AT 826seattle.org address for more details.

Great Blog Posting...This sounds like a passage from George Orwell's 1984 where no one uses the mail anymore...Only postcards that can be checked off so that the government can review everything that is being sent.


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Is that your writing game entry?


Sorry, referring to the comment you have since deleted.

Oh, I saw it! I was just too quick with the Report Spam button. This post seems to collect comment spam like some sort of high-level magic comment-spam-collecting item.

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