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Monday, December 23, 2013


Mr Kottke is avoiding the definitional problem. If I write 100 words on facebook, or 750 words at nytimes.com/opinion, or post a picture (already worth 1,000 words) and a caption on instagram, that is somehow not blogging, but Mr Kottke (and nobody else I've seen) really has any idea why it isn't.

Part of the confusion might be the platform. Few people are hosting their own content (I still do, using a blogging platform from 2003; see http://modelingwithdata.org ), and different hosts have different customs and appeal to different levels of wordiness. Any platform that survives on the market will have a different look-and-feel from the others.

So I get the sense that Mr Kottke is just saying that we 40-somethings use the generic word 'blog' where the younger set might be more likely to use a brand name. Can we become hip again by calling our blogs "tumblrs", no matter what the host is?

Agreed, and he admits his much in the longer piece. It's definitely semantic, but it's also interesting seeing how the customs and looks and platforms shift and trying to figure out why. I feel like there's a correction going on, in moving away from the manicured, centralized, humble-brag likes of Facebook and back into platforms that are (or seem) more ephemeral and small and personal. Which I like!

(And hi, Mr. K!)

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